Demon in Charisse’s room comes for Nadaja: a survivor’s tale

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Demon in Charisse’s room comes for Nadaja: a survivor’s tale

Nadaja Burnett Pierre

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So you know that one girl with the demon in her room? Well, I went over there thinking that I was good and that the demon didn’t care about me.

I was wrong.

Let me shine a little bit of light on the situation. Charisse and I are good friends. I go over to her house often and we chill in her room. Yes, her house is kind of creepy, but I can deal with that as long as nothing bothers me. I mean, I hear noises every once in a while, but whose house doesn’t make noise?

So I continued to go over and spend the night. We had the bright idea to watch a bunch of slasher films that night, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and etc. Because I get tired easily, I fell asleep after the fourth movie.

I think it’s important to tell you how Charisse’s room is set up: her bed is a loft bed with a desk underneath and she has her TV on the opposite wall with the cable box under it with the time (yes, this is important).

Now when I fell asleep, the TV was on and Charisse was still in the room with me. However, when I woke up in the middle of the night the TV was off and I was alone in the room.

I don’t know why I woke up. I never wake up in the middle of the night, so I was really confused and slightly scared. I looked around the room for Charisse, but she was gone and the door was shut. I was about to just fall back asleep when I heard something in the corner of the room.

I sat up on the bed and looked around the room, the only thing lighting up the room was the time on her cable box. I saw something black cover the box, leaving the room in darkness (told you it was important).

Now mind you, I had been watching slasher films all night so I thought I was going to die. I did what any person would do, and I laid down on the bed and pretended I was asleep. I don’t know what was covering the cable box, but it moved and the light was back in the room.

After the light came on, I was prepared to make a run for the door and find Charisse. As soon as I was halfway down the stairs on the bed, I heard a noise from the corner of the room and I froze. I heard it again and held my breath.

I tried to remain determined to get out, but I heard another noise. There was no way I was getting back. I ran back up the stairs, and searched to find my phone and the remote. I turned on the TV and the remote dropped under the bed but there was no way I was going down there to get it.

I grabbed my phone and texted Charisse. I waited and she didn’t respond. I decided to just stay up until the sun came up and it was safe to make another escape. I grabbed the blankets and wrapped them around me to put myself into a baby swaddle.

I awoke in the morning to find Charisse, eating breakfast and lounging on the couch as though I wasn’t fighting for my life a few hours prior.  Apparently she’s used to this kind of thing.

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