The Salaend: Sal reflects on four years of high school sports, former goon status


Megan Dakwa

Senior Salekri Sayeh

Salekri Sayeh

Year four, the final year. My final year. The four years are up and it’s time. I have experienced so many amazing things in these years, but nothing came close to the joy that the wonderful world of high school sports gave me.

Coming into high school, there was nothing I was more excited for than to be a Wolverine football player. My mom had previously not allowed me to play contact football and for my whole childhood, I felt that something was missing from me. That piece was found on August 13, 2014 when I began, not only my football, but my athletic career here at the Mill.

It is still hard to believe that four entire years have passed. It is like I was just putting on my standy helmet yesterday and asking what the “b” gap is. When they say there is never enough time to enjoy what you love, they are not lying. I loved football as well as track, and I still can’t believe it is over.

The friends I made, the lessons that were taught, the memories that were made. All these will forever impact my life and influence everything I do. Football has gotten me to FOREVER say “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir.” As a freshman I thought I had eternity ahead of me. I thought I was going on a never-ending journey. Now I’m a senior, a senior entering his last season of high school sports ever.

There is not one thing I regret about any millisecond about the experience except that I didn’t really embrace it until my junior year. That’s when I began to realize that this will actually come to an end.

That moment was week six and we were playing Rockville for homecoming. We lost in the most heartbreaking fashion and I have never been more depressed after a game. The loss pretty much guaranteed that we were not going to the playoffs and look of horror on every seniors face, knowing that this game will be their last and knowing that they will not be playing in the postseason, broke me. Next year, I knew that would be me and I knew I had to take advantage of the year and a half I had left to play football.

No, I did not forget about my track career. I was 100 percent a goon for the first three years of track. Don’t get me wrong, I was good, but I gave our coach hell and was the jokester of the team. It was not until this year when we broke multiple school records, made nationals, and took second at states where I realized how much the sport and experience had meant to me. The work we did finally is paying off and I really could not be happier. With one outdoor track season left, I look to leave with a bang and bring home a state championship for the Mill.

Now as a senior aspiring to do college sports, I realize nothing will be like high school sports. College will of course be just as good, but it will be different. The experience you have in high school is like no other, and I hope every one of you students debating whether to do one, do it, you WILL NOT regret it. I guarantee it.

As I say goodbye, I wish you good luck. Now go out there and do a sport, even though you think you may suck.

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