Get ready for Walking Dead’s premiere with recap of season six

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Get ready for Walking Dead’s premiere with recap of season six

Ajay Branch and Tyler Lewis

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It’s been exactly 173 days since we’ve seen the jaw-dropping show known as The Walking Dead.

The last season ended on the biggest cliffhanger known to man (or walker). There are thousands of rumors and speculations about who the great Lucille will have the honor of beating the life out of.

Some people (*cough* Mrs. Confino *cough*) have been so desperate that they’ve joined a Walking Dead fan group just to find out. In my opinion, that just ruins the whole season; but before we go any further, let’s summarize the amazing sixth season to remind ourselves of the thrilling story.

The season started off with Rick and the others coming up with a plan to lure walkers away from their home, Alexandria. While dealing with the massive herd of walkers, Alexandria is attacked by the Wolves who cause a loud horn to sound, splitting the herd in half.

This breaks into two episodes as we see the group once again splitting up to save the community. Glenn and Michonne take the Alexandrians to the “safe-zone” while Rick tries to guide the walkers away using the RV. Of course this backfires and Rick gets attacked by leftover Wolves (but he survives because, let’s face it, he’s Rick Grimes) and Glenn “dies.”

Then we get to see Morgan’s life story and figure out the reason why he says, “All life is precious.” (Including goat lives apparently.) We realize that he is keeping a Wolf hostage.

And then the wall collapsed…

The walkers immediately swarm into Alexandria and attack the community. Rick thinks of a simple strategy: go to the armory and grab ammunition to kill the walkers. They use walker blood and guts to get by, but Jessie’s punk ass son ruins it so the walkers end up killing both Andrew (Jessie’s son) and Jessie. Oh yeah and Carl loses his eye.

Rick goes berserk, slaughtering walkers left and right in his rage. The rest of community finally get off their butts and join the man, but are overwhelmed. Glenn ends up almost dead. Again. Then Abraham, Sasha and Daryl save his and the rest of the community’s lives by setting the lake on fire and attracting the walkers, killing them.

Yay! Everyone is safe. Oh yeah, and the Wolf guy dies. Carol shoots him. Sucks for him.

Rick and Daryl meets Jesus in a weird but funny set of events. They meet Jesus’ (Hilltop)  community and find out that they are controlled by Negan’s group, the Saviors. In order for Rick’s group to trade with Jesus they must kill Negan. So they take out a lot of his men, bad-ass style.

Oh, and Maggie and Carol are kidnapped by some white lady with a weird voice. They kill the weird white lady and her crew and are found by Rick and the gang. Denise (the nurse) dies and Daryl is reunited with Dwight, the guy who stole Daryl’s motorcycle and basically seems like he’s trying to be Daryl.  But he can’t, because he sucks.

Carol leaves and Morgan goes after her. Dwight kidnaps Daryl, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn. Oh and pregnant Maggie gets sick. So everyone goes on journey to Hilltop, but they find strange men blocking their way. Negan.

The climax of the season is definitely when Negan captures everyone in Rick’s group and tells then one will die so he can get his message across.

So who did Negan kill?  Find out with the rest of us this Sunday at 9pm on AMC!

And if it’s Daryl, we riot.

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