Top tips to get out of doing your homework


Michelle Batres

Everybody falls behind on homework at least once. Here are some excuses for the next time you don’t do your work.

“Okay class, turn in your homework!”

But you didn’t do your homework. What do you do?

We’ve always had different excuses. Like dogs eating the papers, losing them, or even siblings eating papers. Nothing like blaming your siblings for everything. 

Oxford Dictionary defines homework as tasks assigned to students to be completed outside the classroom, but I define it as something that prevents me from binging Netflix for hours once I get home. Either romance movies, 18-season long tv shows, or frustratingly good k-dramas. 

But because most assignments are online now and your dog eating your homework just won’t cut it, here are new sets of excuses you could use:

  • My elephant spilled water on my computer and it ceased all operations.

It’s different now because your elephant probably won’t eat your chromebook, but can “accidentally” or intentionally (depending on how it was feeling at the time) spill water on your technological device. Or step on it, as elephants do.

  •  An archaeopteryx took my phone. (Business Proposal fans would understand ?)

It might seem like a stretch but while you were recovering from the elephant and water incident, you tried to use your phone to complete the assignment but an archaeopteryx just dove down while you were on your walk and grabbed your phone. And you had to leave the vicinity immediately before you turned into its next meal.

  • I had to walk my sister’s fish.

Fish have very important bathroom schedules and my sister said to make sure he uses the bathroom, but when I took him on a walk I think he stopped breathing. 

  • I dropped my chromebook in my fish tank trying to look at my sister’s fish that died.

You were still in shock about the dead fish, you stood as still as a statue. Trying to wrap your mind around it all.

  • My chromebook died by the time I got home and the charger was faulty.

Something simple is losing your Chromebook charger, but taking it up a notch would be saying that the charger was broken. The least that would happen would be to complete the assignment by the end of that class. 

  • I was at the public library and someone asked to see my computer and they ran away with it

You wanted to romanticize your school life while being the scholar you are and went to study in the library. This stranger walked up to you and asked for your computer quickly because the library was filled up, then ran away. Trying to lend them a hand backfired. 

These amazing excuses will definitely help you swindle extra time for your assignments out of your teachers. All of these excuses are 100% believable and I highly recommend trying them.


Editor’s Note: The Current takes no responsibility for your grade if you use any of these excuses. But we would like to pet your elephant, so please invite us over.