Florida vows to solve school shootings… with more guns?


Arthur Siqueira

Florida voted to arm teachers a little over a year after the Parkland shooting. But are more guns actually the answer?

Charisse Warfield, Opinion Managing Editor

Just one year after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School claimed 17 lives, Florida senators met to make their final decision on how to keep children safe in public schools.

The survivors of the shooting have been working relentlessly towards gun control — trying to keep themselves and other teens safe in their schools. Even going as far as to jump start a nationwide movement: March For Our Lives. This kicked off discussion around the country as to what we should do in terms of gun safety.

The main goal of the movement is to gain stricter gun laws. The number of shootings across the nation has been absolutely tragic, claiming lives left and right, yet little to nothing has been done about it.

Until Florida, senators finally decided to move towards child safety. They’ve decided to put a stop to these deadly occurrences that guns have caused by… adding more guns?

That’s right, not only are they allowing more guns to be bought, they are allowing for teachers to be armed. That’s right, teachers. Their idea of getting rid of gun violence within public schools is to put more guns in schools.

This poses such an obvious issue. For one, lawmakers are completely going against what traumatized children have been begging them to do. Then they are making schools even more dangerous. What if a child gets hold of the weapon? Are these teachers even trained to use weapons? Are they mentally prepared to have this responsibility?

These are all questions that the Florida senators have refused to acknowledge and by doing so, they have put the lives of so many more children at risk. This is not a video game where you can just hand out guns and call it a fair fight, it’s real life with real people who are dying.

This is something that should be taken more seriously than how our government has and it needs to be reevaluated before another tragedy occurs.

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