What you should be watching on Netflix after school

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What you should be watching on Netflix after school

Nadaja Burnett-Pierre

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Are you a good student who finishes all their homework when they get home and needs something to entertain yourself afterwards? Yeah, me neither. Here are some cool shows that you might not have watched to help fill the void of human interaction after school.

That 70s Show

This show is great for teens. It’s very relatable and a really good coming-of-age show. It’s filled with a bunch of comedy and it has some of the most iconic lines in television. “BURN!”

The Office

The Office is a great lighthearted show to watch. It’s funny and doesn’t have too much drama. It’s a time waster if that’s what you need. I highly recommend watching this.

Black Panther

(AKA the best Marvel movie)

Black Panther is funny and has great action scenes. The scenery is beautiful and it shows powerful strong women. It also has great characters and the villain actually has a valid argument, they don’t just want the world to burn.

Parks and Recreation

In my opinion, Parks and Recreation is the funniest show. The characters are funny and have some of the best running jokes. The earlier seasons are the funniest and most lighthearted. It’s a great show to watch to get you in a good mood. (Vote Leslie Knope 2020!)

The Emperor’s New Groove

I know this is a kid’s movie, okay, but it’s good. Actually, there’s a lot of kids movies that are really fun to watch. It actually has a good plot and there’s a lesson in the movie. Plus, it has jokes that teens will understand and laugh at, so give it a chance.


This show is great if you like The Simpsons. It’s new but it has lots of dry humor and past all the sarcasm and jokes, there’s a really good plot. This show is a little over PG, so watch at your own discretion.

The Comedy Lineup

I personally love listening to some comedy after a stressful day of school. I also listen to it while I do homework, since I know I’m not missing anything because it’s stand up, so you don’t have to look at the screen. It’s perfect for entertainment or just some light background noise.

The Dragon Prince

If you liked Avatar the Last Airbender, you will love this. This show is hilarious and has some great action scenes. It also has a really good story and characters like avatar. It even features a lot of representation such as a black king and a female deaf knight. 

Disclaimer: DO NOT WATCH A WHOLE SEASON OF THESE SHOWS AT ONCE. Watch a couple of episodes and then do work. All these shows are great to watch a random episode for some laughs.

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