Procrastinator waits till last minute to write his column

ExLee Dawson

Procrastination is something we all try to avoid, but none of us can ever seem to shake it. Even now while typing this, I am procrastinating.

It is something we all have done or do. It’s unshakable, a bad habit, a curse. For those who can conquer this trait, those who can quench the thirst for procrastination, those are the people who tend to be successful in the long run.

I personally fall victim to procrastination every day in even the smallest ways: waking up in the morning, making/eating breakfast, going to school, leaving and arriving to class, leaving school, doing homework, the list goes on and on and on.

I am still trying to formulate a plot to vanquish this demon from my life, but so far no luck, it still lingers making my life harder than it has to be. The worst part about procrastination is that when you finally have to do your work, the reason you’re mad and want to quit is because you are mad at yourself for not being able to procrastinate right now.

When I have to work on a project, like this article, I always say to myself “I’ll start tomorrow.”  I mean why work on it today when you can save it for tomorrow? I tend to forget about the project altogether, probably because I am having fun with my personal life.

Then, when that fateful day comes for me to finish this article, I’m left stressing myself out trying to finish, and I always end up finishing at the last minute because I get lost in my phone dealing with other problems.

But in the end, I can only blame myself and I have to change something soon, because as college draws nearer, I feel that I won’t be able to survive the same way I have in high school.

I feel like there are ways for me to change, but it seems like whenever I try, there is always something else I can do. Even if it is tweeting or snapchatting or instagramming or any other social media-ing, 10/10 times I will do it instead of the important things in front of me.

My mother is always telling me to get my priorities straight and that I have two more years to figure out how to fix this problem. But until then I guess I am going to be falling for the same bait every time and every time procrastination will capture me.

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