Senioritis claims another victim as Ella struggles to finish this article


Ashley Huynh

Just like the flu every fall, senioritis comes every spring, infecting even the most hard-working and diligent of seniors.

Senioritis (sen-ior-i-tis)


Definition: a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Senioritis is a viral disease that has been contaminating seniors all around the world. The virus starts by gradually inflaming your brain due to sensory overload because you have now realized you have exams and suddenly don’t remember simple multiplication. Then it oozes down into your motivation and will to do school work.

As a fellow senior who has been infected with this awful virus, I have come to share my experience with the world. Senior year was something I have dreamed about since I got to high school, but we hit the ground running, whether our shoes were tied or not.

My first semester started great. I got my work done mostly on time, and I had excellent grades. I was happy. Then third quarter rolled around and I was a lot slower getting my work done, but I still had good grades. Finally, the bomb dropped. Fourth quarter is already halfway over. I swear it started yesterday. Senioritis has finally gotten the best of me. I no longer wish to get up and drive to school, fight for my parking spot, and lug all my sports and educational bags with me. I struggle to stay awake in class, and it’s not because I don’t get enough sleep but because I sleep a lot.


I honestly forgot I was writing this, but I have no motivation to finish this anyways. Senioritis won. Sorry y’all, I tried to fight it.

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