Photo Feature: Back to School Night


Sanjay Fernando

Back to School Night features a Family Picnic where students, parents, and staff can socialize and enjoy snacks.

Watkins Mill High School welcomed parents, guardians, and students for a night of meet-and-greets and information meetings at this year’s Back to School Night (BTSN), which was structured differently than previous years.  Staff, parents, and students gathered together in the stadium for the free Family Picnic, where administrators served burgers, hotdogs, chips, and cookies at the concessions area.

College and career counselor Sarah Kessler held the college information in the media center for parents of seniors to learn about their child’s upcoming season of college applications.  The Hispanic Outreach Meeting was held in the cafeteria, expanding clearer communication with Watkins Mill’s large Spanish-speaking population.  Arguably the most notable difference with this year’s Back to School Night is the Open House meet-and-greet; parents did not transition from class to class according to their child’s schedule.  Parents were free to visit any teachers and counselors in any order all over the school from 6 pm to 8 pm.

A new approach to Back to School Night started the year off with a bigger emphasis on community and readies educators, parents, and students for the upcoming school year.

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