Photo Feature: Class of 2022 Graduation


Sanjay Fernando

Class of 2022 throws their caps into the air in celebration.

The Class of 2022 graduated from Watkins Mill High School at the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Constitution Hall in Washington, DC on Monday, June 13, 2022.

The ceremony opened up with a performance by the symphonic band and orchestra, conducted by music teacher Peter Kielar, as the seniors filled the theater.  Principal Carol Goddard then provided a warm welcome to everyone.

“To our graduates, I am very proud of what you have accomplished and I am extremely excited to stand before you today,” Goddard said.  “It has been a privilege to get to know you and see your accomplishments that have gotten you to this special moment.”

Senior Jodeleine Pierre performed the national anthem as the crowd stood. Then, seniors Marley Hammond and Arvind Mani welcomed the crowd and introduced all speakers on stage, including Judith Docca, Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education member.  After that, class president Hasham Khan gave his address, eliciting whoops and cheers from the students.

“Our story as a collective, is about struggle, resilience, and the strive to keep going, just so you can sit in these chairs today,” Khan said.

“Today, I stand in front of a crowd of hard workers,” Khan added.  “Today you don’t just represent yourself, but your family, your community. You represent El Salvador and Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia. The spirit of Nigeria and Ghana, the Philippines and Pakistan—you represent a world where you determine your future.”

The choir sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” with choral teacher Jana Ryon conducting before senior Marianna Cruz introduced the Class of 2022 sponsor, social studies teacher Joshua Halper who “took on responsibilities to make us happy and make our four years as wolverines an amazing experience.”

Musical performances continued as senior Zoë Luckabaugh performed a rendition of “A Whole New World.”  Senior Ryleigh Waters introduced the student speaker, senior Jeyssi Huaycochea, before Huaycochea began her speech.

“Watkins Mill High School is our home,” Huaycochea said.  “Whether you climbed through the Watkins Mill cluster, joined in middle school, or even came across Watkins Mill during your high school years, it is home.  And today, we leave home to start writing new chapters of our lives.”

“I don’t think I can ever truly find the words to express how much I love the school and how much I’ve grown to love the 377 of you that I’m graduating from with today,” Huaycochea added.  “So for my closing remarks to the Class of 2022, I ask that you never fear the future and continue to walk into the unknown. Who knows what will come out of a daunting experience—but why not just find out? For all of us.”

Congratulations, Class of 2022!

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