Photo Feature: Students vs staff basketball game


Sanjay Fernando

Senior Devin Breckinridge shoots a contested three-pointer.

Watkins Mill seniors and teachers faced off in a competitive students vs staff basketball game on Friday, March 11 in the gymnasium.

The teams were neck and neck as they played for two 20-minute halves, but the staff pulled through for the win with a score of 57-54.

“Having the seniors come together like this was a good moment for us,” senior Nabil Habona said.  

Principal Carol Goddard and her twin sister, Cheryl Kelly, refereed the game while social studies teacher Thomas Sneddon provided play-by-play commentary.

“I think they all played an excellent game—lots of hustle,” Goddard said.  “The kids are so fast, I don’t know how the old people stayed up.”

During half time, senior Mark Sena successfully scored a basket from half-court and won a free ticket to prom this spring.

“I love events like this,” social studies teacher Matthew Quinn said.  “I think it’s a great way to build your community [and get] students out involved, especially with what we’ve been dealing with over the last couple years.”

At the close of the game, Sneddon said it was “one of the best performances we’ve had from the students in a long time.”

The game “brings people together,” Goddard added.  “It’s having fun together, humor, and becoming family.”



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