September and October K-pop music review


K-pop groups and soloists released albums in the months of September and October. Here are some reviews on their title tracks.

Oneus- Life is Beautiful 8/10This sounds like 2015 and the English version of this song proves my theory. It’s a good listen in my opinion. But, it  sounds like it would play at Claire’s.

A.C.E- Changer 100/10
OMG, the beat drop. Damn they talking about love with EDM music. The lyrics are very deep and meaningful and their vocal range was amazing. Stan Cha Eunwoo!

Lisa- Lalisa 8.5/10
Reached the expectations we had, though I’m disappointed the dance wasn’t more complex. Since she is a main dancer I thought there would be more dancing and I was expecting her to rap in Thai.

Twice- The Feels 10/10
This song literally saved 2021. I’ve had it on replay ever since it came out. The music video was amazing! The song is super catchy and the dance (chorus) is really easy to do!

Itzy- Loco 8/10
The Previous songs were much better, it wasn’t bad but because of their previous music, we had higher expectations. The choreography looked very awkward, why were they humping the air and why were they shaking cockroaches off their legs?

Aespa-Savage 5/10
“Oh My GOsH, dOn’t YoU kNoW I’m A SaVaGE,” definitely threw me off but great use for memes. The song started off weird but overall it’s an ok song. How did we go from the next level to this? The girls popped off though.

Hyuna & Dawn- Ping Pong 11/10
Their style was unique and they pulled it off, I loved Dawn’s once-ler cosplay. The song was very happy and upbeat.

NCT 127- Sticker 0/10
What is this Squidward collaboration? That flute was so disgusting it just kept playing through the whole thing. It sounded how I did when I had to play the recorder in 3rd grade (respectfully). No amount of stockholm syndrome will make you like this song (respectfully). This song sounds like tax evasion (IM LOOKING AT U LEE SOOMAN…. respectfully). The vocals were good though.


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