Complaints about Super Bowl halftime show are hypocritical, culturally belittling

People are expressing outrage over Jennifer Lopez's use of the Puerto Rican flag in America, when Puerto Rico is, in fact, part of America.

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People are expressing outrage over Jennifer Lopez’s use of the Puerto Rican flag in America, when Puerto Rico is, in fact, part of America.

So let me get this straight, people have a problem with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira shaking what their mothers gave them, but they don’t have a problem with Adam Levine going shirtless last year during his Superbowl performance? 

Let me break a few things down for you. 

When huge minority entertainers publicly embrace their cultural background, instead of being open-minded, the ignorant (both young and old) go straight to social media. They think and publicly protest that they’re simply stating their opinion, but they are actually downsizing and putting down someone’s culture. 

I would love to see how many of the now-middle-aged moms who are complaining about the 2020 NFL halftime show are the same people who bought Shakira’s album when her hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” came out 15 years ago.

Now in case you didn’t know, Shakira is Lebanese on her father’s side. So her hips really don’t lie, pun intended, because belly dancing is a part of the culture in Lebanon. 

Now, this is where I get upset. 

People in America claim that America is the greatest nation but this “great nation” is the same nation belittling someone for showcasing their culture. It is 2020 and America is too much of a melting pot for people to still be acting so sensitive. 

Also, how are Americans upset that JLo was repping the Puerto Rican flag? I don’t see what the problem is about someone being proud of where they come.

But more importantly, PUERTO RICO IS A UNITED STATES TERRITORY! Please help me understand why it was so inappropriate uproar for JLo, who is a United States citizen, to have a two-sided flag of America and Puerto Rico? If it’s that deep for you, call up your ancestors who made Puerto Rico a US territory after the Spanish-American War.

Growing up as an Afro-Latina, I always feel inspired seeing Latinos, African Americans, and Caribbeans doing big things in the entertainment industry because even though everything is against them due to being different, they never gave up and still made it big.

So, until you can flip yourself effortlessly up on a pole like JLo and not hit the floor, my advice to anyone who was offended by the halftime show is to stop being so sensitive. It’s not a good look. It’s a new decade and racism and microaggressions are overrated.

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