Charisse narrowly escapes doom in haunted room, Nadaja not so lucky

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Charisse narrowly escapes doom in haunted room, Nadaja not so lucky

Charisse Warfield

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So as you all know, a demon lives in my room. This is not a joke.

Today’s article will be about a specific instance that my friend, unfortunately, had to go through. Alone. Granted it was kind of not really my fault, but still happened nonetheless.

It all began on a surprisingly warm October night (I’m starting to see a trend here). We decided to do the usual. You see, Nadaja and I are very close friends and often spend the night and watch films. This night, we decided on Slashers.

Now before you attack me and say: “Well no wonder you were scared, you’re watching horror films,” I want to establish that SLASHERS IS NOT SCARY. If we were watching movies like The Exorcist or Annabelle, then we can talk. But this was not the case.

Anyway, our night went on with little to no issues, we watched Friday the 13th and Halloween. We enjoyed our evening and were perfectly fine. We ended our film fest on a light note, asleep on my loft bed with South Park playing in the background.

As Nadaja was peacefully sleeping, I began noticing very obvious motion from underneath my bed. Something was walking back and forth in my room, making small but noticeable movements. I chose to ignore it that time, figuring that if my friend could sleep through it, so could I.

Then came the scratching. At that point I really didn’t care about looking like a loser or scaredy cat. I got up a ran to my mother’s room and slept in there peacefully. She was out for the night, but because the demon only wanted to be in my room (god knows why), I figured I was safe there.

This is where my experience for the night ends and where my friend’s just begins. Needless to say, I woke up that morning to a warm breakfast and a very angry friend.


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