Teacher appreciation week begins Monday, thank all of your teachers


Art teacher Limor Dekel teaching her 5th period art class

Sarah Elbeshbishi

Teacher Appreciation Week begins on Monday, May 12 and ends on Friday, May 12, celebrating all teachers do for their students and community.

Beginning in 1984, the National Parent, Teacher Association (PTA) has picked a week in May designated to the celebrating and thanking teachers all across the country. According to pta.org, “this year’s theme is “Teachers Deliver”…[and] from May 8-12, 2017, we would like to celebrate teachers and deliver our thanks and gratitude to them.”

“It’s important to celebrate teachers because when it comes down to it for years they have been our biggest fans rooting for us on the sidelines,” junior Chase Soghomonian said. “It’s only appropriate to recognize that and let them know that we do need them and we do appreciate the little things they do for us.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is the opportunity for students, parent, and community members to show their gratefulness for the staff at schools. As well as being Teacher Appreciation Week, according to nea.org, Tuesday, May 9 is also designated to be National Teacher Day.

“[This week is] a simple way to reach out to any teacher to say thank you for their hard work and dedication,” junior Naina Tsarni said. “I think the things that they do for us are overlooked on a daily basis and this week is just a good way to let them know that their hard work is noticed and that we are grateful for that.”

Though teachers are always influencing people around them, it doesn’t usually get recognized. “[Teacher Appreciation Week is] important because they make such an impact in our lives and they… may feel unappreciated,…so letting them know we care just reminds them of their importance and will motivate them,” senior Ian Nathan said.

“Teacher Appreciation Week is a week to celebrate and thank your teachers for everything, [so] just by saying ‘thank you’ is enough,” junior Fiona Franke said. “But if they want to go the extra mile, just like our teachers do, they can give small presents such as flowers or even a card.”

There are plenty of simple ways of showing your appreciation this week, “[having] a simple conversation and let them know that they matter,…gestures like small chocolates, thank you cards or as simple as the “Monday motivation” sheet,” Tsarni added. “It’s the simple things that can motivate our teachers to do the best at their job.”

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