Edline Helper elevates students towards academic success

Nana Tutu, Katherine Amaya, and Joshua Ali

You sit down and your teacher hands you back that huge grade determining test you took last week. You think to yourself, “What will this do to my grade?” But when you check Edline the grade is not in yet…

Instead of dreading the whole day wondering if your grade was bombed, take your grades into your own hands and use Edline Helper to calculate your new average.

Edline is the website used by teachers, students, and parents to check grades, and post classroom content. The website is used by middle and high school students to check their current grades, assignments, and/or class news.

Edline Helper is an app that allows students to see their grades posted by their teachers with Edline. The app also allows students to put in point values for assignments to estimate what their grade would be. Edline Helper lets them see assignments that will be put in and how many points they will be worth.

“On the regular Edline, you have to go to every single class separately, but [on Edline Helper] it’s lined up like a report card,” sophomore Janice Asabere said. To many students, Edline Helper is a lot easier to use than the regular website.

“Edline Helper shows you what you need to get to get a certain grade in the class–like what you’re missing specifically and how much it affects your grade,” senior Bernadette Nwoye said. Nwoye found out about Edline helper from a classmate her junior year.

On Edline Helper, each of the different letter grades has a specific color, which seems to attract many people to the app. “A” is green, “B” is blue, “C” is yellow, “D” is orange, and “E” is red.

Junior Selom Kalin believes that Edline Helper motivates people to try harder and get their grades up. “If you go on Edline Helper and you put an A for something, you’re like, ‘oh my God, my grade will go up,’ and you’ll work harder to do it,” Kalin said.

Freshman Israel Safo recently just found out about the app. “It helps you see what your grades would look like,” Safo said. Edline Helper allows students to put in credit for missing assignments to see how their grade would look if they turned them in.

Edline Helper is a resourceful and useful app that allows students to check all their grades while also showing them what work they need to redo or turn in at that time. This app is highly recommended for download. It helps students to become more organized throughout high school. 


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