Calling all students, stop skipping class in the bathroom!


Victor Iglesias

Girls bathroom sign at Watkins Mill High School.

Genesis Jimenez, Samantha Naya, and Taylor Dawson

From the lower level bathrooms to the secret ones in the gym hallway, there will always be skippers; Students avoiding that one class or classes that they truly hate.

We’ve all seen it. No matter what level of the school you’re on, the bathrooms are occupied 24/7! Someone you know, someone you don’t know, or that group of friends that you feel like you see almost every class period. What’s the point of coming to school if you don’t attend class?

Don’t even get us started on the group of girls that come in extra early in the morning to do their makeup and take up all the sinks. All anyone wants to do is use the bathroom, wash their hands and go. Also, the kissy faces on the mirror and the foundation marks on the walls and sinks have got to stop. Let’s not continue Watkins Mill’s reputation as “the ratchet school”.

Skipping classes is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you not be in class for lessons, but your grades will also start to slowly slip. Why deal with all that stress? Washing your hands with someone sitting on the sink next to you on their phone is very awkward… do I say hi? Do I smile? All I really want to do is take care of my business without any weird interactions.


Asking for a day off is easier compared to the alternative of failing all of your classes and not graduating. If you get the chance to attend school, to learn and graduate so that you can get a better life for FREE, why not take advantage?

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. That’s why my mom always threatens to ground me if I don’t get good grades. Think about your future, we are better safe than sorry.

So kids, please don’t skip school. Especially in the bathroom. TAKE ADVANTAGE AND GO BE GREAT. STUDY TO BECOME A LAWYER OR SOMETHING!

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