Why Scientists Disagree With Global Warming

Aisha Sowe

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“It is important that scientists must be ready for their pet theories to turn out to be wrong. Science as a whole certainly cannot allow its judgment about facts to be distorted by ideas of what ought to be true, or what one may hope to be true.” – Conrad Waddington

Global Warming. Is it real or is it just a scientific theory? Many people find it to be real since we barely had a winter this year. But some scientists disagree on the controversial topic.

Science resource teacher Matt Reese received three copies of a book called Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming from The Heartland Institute. Originally, Reese wanted to throw the copies away but “thought it would be a good teaching moment with my students about bias and checking with your sources,” Reese said.

The Heartland Institute are sending out copies to every science teacher in the country. It has been delivered to 2,500 science teachers and will send out 175,000 more copies. The book is about a climatologist, a geologist, and a physicist who make a compelling case against claims of scientific consensus.

The authors give out four reasons why they disagree about Global Warming: a conflict among scientists, fundamental scientific uncertainties, concerning how the global climate responds to human presence, and bias among researchers.

One of the scientific uncertainties that the authors claim is that human activities are causing or will cause catastrophic global warming. But the human impact on climate still remains  a mystery. 99 percent of scientists agree that fossil fuels are changing the climate. The Heartland Institute says that even if the science is settled, climate change would not be harmful.

“Something like 98% of scientists believe in climate change and perhaps 2% do not,” Reese added. “However, that 2% wants to make it seem like a debate and that science is not settled,” Reese added saying that it is important to see how the other side things if you disagree with any point of view.  


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