The Walking Dead Recap: Guns, Pills, and Betrayals

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The Walking Dead Recap: Guns, Pills, and Betrayals

Charisse Warfield

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The episode starts off with Rick’s squad doing what they have been doing for the past two seasons: looking for guns. Seriously, guys? Lets try and move onto more important matters, like how a very pregnant Maggie is being hunted down by a weak, drunk leader, and just lost the only doctor in the area.

We end up seeing Sasha locked up in Negan’s place. A man comes in and rips her shirt off while she was tied up because he wanted some. Fortunately Negan killed the man. Negan is very good at making you hate him, love him, and now I hate him again. Of course it couldn’t be left at that. He left the dead body, a knife and Sasha there, and told her that she kills the walker and joins Negan or she kills herself.

We move on to Tara and Rick’s gang. They go down to the community of only women, in search of guns. Instead of being polite, they run in with what little guns they have and point a gun to the leader’s head and her community and demand all their guns. Doesn’t seem like it’ll work out, but ironically the walkers come and ultimately lead to them taking the guns with no issues.

When they arrive back home however, Rosita has a little gift for them. She reveals Dwight, one of Negan’s people, who claims he wants to join Rick. Dwight however, is known for being a snake and turning on people, also he has been thirsty for Negan’s approval. Daryl is clearly a professional snake hunter, and tries to murder him the second he lays his eyes on him. Rick of course wants to be a hero and let Dwight stay to see what he has to offer.

Again we end up one step closer to a war against Negan and things were looking pretty good, since we now have guns and more communities joining. But Dwight’s sudden appearance seems like a little bit of a concern.

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