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The Deal With Eudel ✨ *Prom Edition*

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The Deal With Eudel ✨ *Prom Edition*

Eudel Ndong

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Q. Can’t find a prom dress, what should I do?

A. There are so many sites you can look up! Searching up a simple “Prom dresses” can get you so far. Be specific with what you want your dress to look like. If you’re not looking for anything specific the best place to look for dresses is! But if you’re looking for something cheaper yet still beautiful, is a great place to search. Don’t stress yourself out because regardless you are going to look gorgeous!

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨

Q. I want to go to prom, but no one has asked me and I want to really want to go!

A. You don’t have to have a date to go to prom! You can slay on your own whether you’re a guy or girl. Believe me, you don’t need anyone to go to prom with. I have friends that are going with their girl- friends because they would rather just for the fun of it.

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨

Q. I want to ask a girl to prom, but I’m afraid she’ll say no.

A. The secret is to ask her in advance via text or in private then if you like, you can do a big proposal with flowers and a poster etc. which I strongly recommend. Promposals like that are so cute, and the person you ask will feel special, without the risk of public rejection.

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨

Q. I got a horrible score on my SAT, what do I do? Does this mean I’m not going to college?

A. NO! That in no way, shape, or form, does that mean you are not going to college.  Just because you got a bad score does not mean you’re a bad student! For many schools it is optional to even send in your test scores. Also, more schools accept ACT scores over SAT scores, so all you would have to do is visit Mr. Lee and Ms. Barclay in College Tracks or, Ms. Heald in the College Career Center to study and get a better score when you take it again! Don’t freak out! You’re going to be okay 🙂

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨

Q. I can only afford buying my own ticket for prom, but not my date’s. But I know that’s the gentlemanly thing to do–how do I break it to her? What do I do?

A. Everyone has financial issues here and there, its understandable. If your date does not understand that, you should not be going with her. You don’t have to buy tickets for you and your date, it became a tradition out of nowhere but no one said you have to follow it. Have a conversation with her and if she doesn’t want to pay for her own ticket, believe me, there are plenty other girls who would like to go with you.

If you guys would like to contact me or need anymore advice you can DM me on Twitter or email me: at: [email protected]

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