The Walking Dead Recap: “Did the war just start?”

Charisse Warfield

The episode “Did the war just start?” is set at the Hilltop. We see Maggie with their resident doctor and find out that her (and Glenn’s) baby is perfectly healthy. We see everyone’s characters developing in various ways and Jesus even got to be gay!

Sasha begins to train the people at the Hilltop, since like Alexandria, they were too weak and unable to defend themselves. Enid does her deeds and cares for Maggie, who made the dumb decision to get knocked up in a freaking apocalypse. But hey at least we have a Glenn 2.0 coming soon. So we can pretend he isn’t really dead.

Sasha then goes on to make war plans to kill Negan herself. With the help from Jesus, she was able to draw a map of the savior’s sanctuary and hopefully end him once and for all. Rosita then show up and decides that she is going along with Sasha to kill him. Which is probably the dumbest decision in existence. Rosita and Sasha end up going off anyway.

Rosita and Sasha have lots of issues early on, due to their incapability to work together. Rosita can’t get over the fact that Abe never wanted her and Sasha just wants to get this over with. Though, hate to break it to you Sasha, Rosita is going to stay salty for a very long time. It becomes apparent that they can’t work together. Even though they end up learning how to tie rope knots and get over it enough to work together. Still, this is the worst duo ever. Who thought of this?

The Saviors show up just as Sasha and Rosita make their hasty escape. Meanwhile Daryl and Maggie hide from them, since the Saviors kind of really want to, well, murder Daryl. And also aren’t very fond of Maggie. The saviors end up taking the Hilltop’s only doctor, since Negan had this bright idea to burn his own alive. Leaving pregnant Maggie without a proper doctor.

Meanwhile Daryl and Maggie have a truly heartbreaking scene taking place. Daryl breaks down and apologizes to Maggie for causing Glenn’s death. Maggie cries to and reassures him that it wasn’t his fault (though it really was) and that all good things in this world dies, that Glenn was one of them. And they make promise to kill Negan.

And just like that the episode ends, once again, one step closer to going to full out war with Negan.

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