Football coach Brown bumps up volleyball expectations

Kola Akinnibi and Victor Iglesias

Paraeducator and head football coach Mike Brown serves his way into the main gym to become the head boys volleyball coach for the spring 2017 season.

Brown is taking over for physical education teacher Rick Riley, the former boys volleyball coach. “I’ve always been interested in volleyball, even when I was younger. I never played for a team, but I played pickup games…and I thought it was a really cool sport,” Brown said.

Although Brown has never played on a volleyball team he “played pickup games and stuff like that and I thought it was a really cool sport,” he said.  “I like to compete so I took the job.” Brown is a passionate competitor who wants to see every sport at Watkins Mill succeed and believes he can bring the team to greatness.

Junior Naing Oak believes Brown is passionate about becoming the new head coach of the team. “He’s full of energy and passionate about coaching and teaching players how to play,” Oak added. The faith put into Brown by a new player attests to his passion and love for coaching.

Brown is trying to recruit players that can contribute positively to the team. Hoping to be able to use height as a strategy for the season, Brown said he has “recruited every tall kid,” in hopes to make the team better this year.

Brown has very high hopes and expectations for the season, his goals are “to win and get better everyday at practice [and] win more games than we did last year.”

“Our goal is to win every single game, and win the state championship… we don’t play to lose,” Brown added. Brown’s “play to win” attitude attests to the excitement Brown has for the upcoming season. “I am stoked, I am super excited. I can’t wait to experience the first live game,” Brown added.

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