The Walking Dead recap: “Bury Me Here”

Charisse Warfield

The episode “Bury Me Here” is a ride. It starts off with Carol finding out about Alexandria. Morgan tells her everything and by the end of the episode she learns all the important details, like how everyone she cared about is pretty much dead. At least now we got Morgan and Carol upset and ready to kill.

Now jumping into the episode, we see this lovely scene of The Kingdom and all its sweet domestic beauty… aaand its gone. The plants are dying and we have a scammer in our midst. Terrific. People are just wanna be happy and eat watermelons and now we have some snake trying to start a war.

But there is some good. For example, Benjamin. This boy is so sweet, trying to be a role model for his brother. He just wants to be the very best that no one ever was. But no, this show ruins lives. So what does he get? Well, only the best escape out of this zombie-infested world of course. A slow painful death. Tragic.

Eventually we end up at a standoff between the saviors and the Kingdom. What does the King do? He asks for Morgan’s stick… what? You ask for a stick in exchange for all your guns? No offense but that is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals. And to make matters worse, that snake I told you about earlier stole a cantaloupe and ruined everything. The Saviors decide to be extra and kill Benjamin. But at least Morgan got his stick back.

The scammer we now know as Richard, has zero remorse for causing this young boy’s death. Unlike Miley Cyrus, all he wanted was to do was start a war. That’s fine, it’s totally fine. Morgan is only losing his mind and screaming at nothing. And he is done playing these “I don’t wanna kill anymore” games so he kills this man. With his bare hands. Who knew that all we had to do was murder some kid to get the Morgan we all loved back.

And just like that the episode ends. Everyone is hoping for the next episodes to have some rally of the various communities to gather and create a huge army. I am so ready for this battle against Negan, as I’m sure we all are.

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