Senior Daquan Wims invited to try out for Big 33 All-Star showcase game


Jared Nguleyn

Alumni Daquan Wims will be missed dearly in the Watkins Mill community.

Kola Akinnibi and Victor Iglesias

Senior Daquan Wims is the first Watkins Mill football player to ever be invited to the Big 33 All-Star showcase, an event that features the top 33 players from each state in an All-Star football game.

Wims will try out to be a part of the Maryland All-Star team, which is pit against the Pennsylvania team.  As a result of the game and its sponsors, players have been awarded a total over $2 million in athletic scholarships.

Becoming recognized as one of the best players in the state is not an easy task. “I was working out three times a day [to get ready for the season],” Wims said. Wims’ hard work paid off during his final high school season, as he finished the season fourth in the county with 791 receiving yards.

Watkins Mill football head coach Mike Brown helped advance Wims’ football career immensely. “Coach Brown helped me a lot. He helped me keep my grades up, he helped me understand the game of football more,” Wims said. “He is one of the biggest supporters I have had in a long time.”

When it comes to college recruiters, grades are a huge factor when it comes to accepting a recruit into their program. Brown’s focus on academics helps improve the chances of all of his players making it to the college level.

Wims believes the Big 33 could help him tremendously. “I think it’s going to expose me to more colleges. It can also help me get to where I want to be in life,” Wims said. Brown wasn’t the only one who had an impact on his football career, Wims’ friends helped motivate him as well.

Wims still has to train, prepare, and stay healthy to make and play The Big 33 team. Wims plans to “hit the field everyday and eat right” in preparation for the game. Wims’ work ethic didn’t just end because the high school season is over, he knows there’s still a lot of work to be done before he gets to college football.

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