Wrestling looks to pin competition in county tournament Friday

Tyler Lewis, Alex Wright, and Lirim Krasniqi

Boys varsity wrestling  looks to triumph in the county tournament this Friday, February 17 and finish what could be their final match of the season with a hard fought battle against the whoever they come up against.

The team is coming off their final regular season match against the Gaithersburg Trojans and four tough matches against Quince Orchard, Northwest, Seneca and Clarksburg high schools.

The boys wrestling team had a honorable match against the Trojans on February 4 but ultimately the ‘Rines could not come out victorious. “Gaithersburg put up a good fight,” junior Selom Kalin.

The squad had just one day to recover, getting right back on the mats against the Quince Orchard Cougars on January 30, after the double meet two days prior.

“We did great against Quince Orchard,” senior Favio Quintanilla said. “Our team has improved a lot, especially the first year wrestlers.”

The Wolverines took on the Northwest Jaguars and the Seneca Valley Screamin’ Eagles over the long weekend. Watkins Mill hosted the marathon double match on January 28,  as the draining day took its toll on the team.

The ‘Rines managed to beat the Screamin’ Eagles, but lost to the Jaguars in a tough weekend.  “It didn’t go as I expected it to go, I wish I could have done better but it didn’t work out like I thought it would,” junior Kelvin Quacoe-Dameshie said.

Quintanilla and two other seniors played their last home match of their high school career on January 28 against the Seneca Valley ‘Screamin Eagles and the Northwest Jaguars. “My wrestling life is only over for high school,” Quintanilla added. “It makes me happy since I enjoyed everything I did.”

In wrestling personal rivalries are very big, “I have a very competitive mindset so when I hear the word rivalry I go up to 110 percent so I can win,” Quacoe-Dameshie said. “Losing to an opponent that is also you peer can really get the blood flowing, and help you win your match the next time you face them.”

Wrestling lost to the Clarksburg Coyotes on January 26. It was a tough battle but they just couldn’t manage to take the win in the end.

Kalin said, “Wrestling has honestly changed my perspective… when I get knocked down I get back up again.” This is Kalin’s first year on this wrestling squad, and he looks to continue in the future.

Boys wrestling’s regular season may be over, but boys varsity will still have more challenges to face. Counties start this Friday for our boys, and look for this team to continue their trend of competing for the whole match no matter what.

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