Lady Wolverines serve up lots of love on tennis court

Lady Wolverines varsity tennis finished out their season with a devestating 1-11 record after their final game against Wheaton High School on Tuesday.  The girls fought hard and gained true team spirit this season.

On Friday the girls played against Albert Einstein High School, but they lost 4-3.  The score was close, but it was not a total loss due to their hard work.  Two players won in their singles matches: sophomore captain Na-Ancy Gela won 6-2 and 7-5, and  junior Jennifer Ha dominated with scores 6-7 and 6-4.

Even though they lost overall, these girls did an outstanding job giving their all. They had a hard fought game with powerful serves and spikes. “ They’re a true team and have spirit,” tennis coach and guidance counselor Sabrina Murray said.  The team stayed positive about the loss because they had a blast playing and they fed on each other’s great energy.

These girls came out of the Einstein game feeling ready for their final match because they have been practicing hard all season.

I have more [tennis] experience,” Gela said.  She has been playing since age nine. “I’m helping them figure out how to get comfortable with the game.” As captain, Gela has had an impact on her team members by showing them how to properly play the game and helping her team build their skills. “ I’m willing to help anybody,” Gela added.

Murray is seen as a leader to her players and she makes sure they have a great time. “I love [Murray]. She’s great, super funny, she knows when to push us and not to push us, and she just has fun teaching us,” freshman Bianca Johnson said. Murray has such a positive impact on her players and gives them the guidance they need.

Freshman Bianca Johnson waits on a serve
Amber Brothers
Freshman Bianca Johnson waits on a serve

This is Murray’s first year coaching girls tennis at Watkins Mill. “This is most of [the girls’] first year so [they’re] basically learning the skill set,” Murray said.  She is helping them learn how to play.

“I did recreational [tennis], from age 15 to adult,” Murray said.  “This is an interest of mine, [and] a good opportunity to work with young ladies.” She is patient when she teaches because she loves her team.

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