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The Deal With Eudel✨

Eudel Ndong

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Q: How do you gain confidence in yourself?

A: I, myself, am still trying to figure this out. Honestly, confidence is a very tricky thing because it’s almost like an in-between of being cocky and being insecure. The definition of self confidence is “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities and judgement.” All you have to do to begin the process of gaining confidence is to trust yourself and trust what you believe in. If you believe you are gorgeous (which you are), you are! If you believe you can be amazing at the sport you love, you can be! And if you believe that you can get a date with that guy you’ve liked since the beginning of the year, you can! Confidence is all about staying positive and optimistic and most importantly believing in yourself.

And that’s the deal with Eudel✨


Q: How do I get my boyfriend’s friends to stop meddling in our relationship?

A: In all honesty if your boyfriend’s friends are more invested in your relationship than you and him are, that’s a little creepy. And of course they’re trying to “look out for their boy” and all, but there are boundaries that should not be overstepped by a friend. Let your boyfriend know that you’re incredibly uncomfortable with his “boys” getting into your relationship (be dramatic so he knows it’s real). If you don’t want to make your boyfriend choose between his friends and you,  set him straight yourself. Let him know that it’s not his place and to kick rocks.

And that’s the deal with Eudel✨


Q: This guy likes me and I don’t like him back. What do I do?

A: Ooooooo, this is a very sticky situation. The worst thing you can do is avoid him or lead him on. That’s terrible because imagine if that were to happen to you? You would feel like you wasted your time and energy on someone who doesn’t really feel the same. Of course you have to do the traditional “let him down easy.” OR if it really comes down to it, a little white lie can’t hurt. “I’m not looking for anything right now,” “I’m starting to talk to someone.” You know, the usual, but PLEASE keep their feelings in consideration!

And that’s the deal with Eudel✨


Q: My boyfriend and I just started dating two weeks ago and the holidays are coming up. Do I get him something?

A: Baked goods are always the answer to these type of situations! Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, or sugar cookies (even though some CRAZY people don’t like them, how can you not like them???). Since you’ve basically just started dating you don’t have to go all out but you still have to show that person that you care.

And that’s the deal with Eudel✨

Happy Holidays guys! If you guys would like to contact me or need anymore advice you can DM me on twitter or email me: at: [email protected]

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