Watkins Mill girls tennis rounds out the season

Lenard Clarke and Lirim Krasniqi

Girls varsity tennis ended the season off with an overall record of 2-10 and a division record of 2-6 when they played their last game against the Springbrook High School Blue Devils.

“With only four players on [the team] and needing ten to make a complete team…the girls fought just as hard as a ten-player roster, they were determined and dedicated and came to every practice,”  special education teacher and girls varsity coach  Martha Patton said.

The last game was played on October 10 against the Blue Devils, but was cut short due to two injuries. With only two remaining players that could compete, they had to forfeit the match. 

The team was at a disadvantage from even before the match began. Junior Shareyne Repaje said, “If any one of the four lost, the [other team] would win.” They only had four out of seven players available to play the sets with and because of this, they would automatically be disqualified from three matches for a final score of 0-3 in a best of seven.

The Lady ‘Rines lost on October 7, against the Rockville Rams after a valiant effort. The match was well fought but ended in a loss with a score of 1-6 as only one girl won her set against the Rams.

Senior Jamila Banes felt that the team was unprepared against the Quince Orchard Cougars on October 6. Rain the day before the match did not let our team warm up or practice before the match. Although it lasted for three-and-a-half hours, the match was a loss with a score of 0-7.

The Magruder Colonels match on October 4 seemed to be a stomp. Our ‘Rines lost a tough match with a final score of 0-7. The pressure from being the only four members on a team that normally requires ten seems to be mentally taxing. Regardless of this, our team did not falter from defeat. The reason was their coach’s encouragement. “I like our coach [Patton],” co-captain junior Nancy Gela said. “She’s the best. She always pushes us in practice” junior Nancy Gela, co-captain of the girls varsity tennis team mentioned.

To those who were thinking about joining tennis next year, Repaje said, “We need more players we are willing to teach you and… it’s fun.”

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