Cross Country team looks to take over division

Exlandus Dawson and Tyler Lewis

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Boys and girls cross country faced 12 schools on their home course, on October 8. The team competed throughout the meet, but did not perform the way they wanted to as a team.

“It was tough,” junior Kelvin Quacoe said. “Well not necessarily tough… the weather wasn’t the best.”

There were an assortment of races throughout the day for many to compete in. “We did pretty good overall as a team,” Quacoe added. “There were separate races for boys varsity, boys junior varsity, there was also a freshman only race as well, then they had the girls varsity.”

On September 29, the boys and girls cross country teams went up against the Kennedy Cavaliers and the Wheaton Knights.

 “Overall we are trying to win the division this year so we have to win this meet,” junior Suriya Sundaramurthi said going into the meet. “We have to beat both teams so we will work really hard today.”

Now, the runners have more experience on this new course. “The old course used to be really hard and the new course is just as hard,”  Quacoe added. “Overall it is slightly easier than the first course but the second mile is definitely going to be the hardest part of this course.”

In preparation of the meet many runners had different styles to get their body and mind ready for the meet. “I’m making sure that I trained hard,” junior Naina Tsarni said. “And I took a couple rest days to make sure I was ready for the meet.” This  worked for her because at the meet she dropped 2 minutes off her previous time and finished in fifth place overall.

The team has had success in it’s two recent meets, they are on a roll and plan on improving even further. “It was really good,” junior Selom Kalin said about the previous meet, “because the team has really never done this before so I was really proud of my team.”

With the new course, bigger team, new coach, and the championships being held at Watkins Mill, the future’s looking bright for our cross country teams.

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