Mr. Wiggins this, Mr. Wiggins that, who is this Wiggins character anyway?


Abjiah Hines

Read on to meet Watkins Mill assistant principal Marcus Wiggins.

Mr. Wiggins this, Mr. Wiggins that, who is this Wiggins character anyway?

 You always see his name pop up in your inbox, but never gave it much thought. Well, today is your lucky day because you get to learn all about assistant principal Marcus Wiggins.

As we all know, principal Carol Goddard is the grand supreme emperor of Watkins Mill. She may be the head, but a head always needs a right-hand (since she can’t be at more than one place at a time) and for this very reason Wiggins was chosen as an assistant principal. Or as we like to call it, junior grand supreme emperor.

While being an assistant principal may sound fun, it’s tedious work. He’s the guy who has to solve EVERYONE’S problems.

“I’m running around the building,” Wiggins said, about his day-to-day job.

If the school is running short on things, WIGGINS. If students need to be talked to by a higher authority, WIGGINS. If your house is on fire, WIGGINS.

Maybe not that last part…

Goddard and Wiggins go way back. “My first year in Montgomery County, I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Goddard,” Wiggins said. In that time of 25 years, Wiggins grew a deep admiration for Goddard.

“She’s always been a champion for students,” Wiggins added.

Wiggins has an extensive history of working around Montgomery County Public Schools. Previous to his current position, he was the assistant principal for Rockville High School and has worked at other high schools like James Hubert Blake and even Albert Einstein. It’s safe to say that Wiggins knows what he’s doing.

Anyone who has encountered Wiggins knows what freshman Audrey Ackerman meant when she said, “I think of how he’s in charge.” He carries this energy of assertion that lets every passerby know he’s headed somewhere important.

As serious as Wiggins’s position is, he’s an actual person outside of school. “I breathe basketball,” Wiggins said. He has a cane corso as well, which is an absolute unit of a dog (please Google it).

“I spend a lot of time with my dog,” Wiggins added. It’s safe to say that from time-to-time Wiggins and his mountain of a dog play one-on-one basketball Air Bud style.

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