Hallyu: NOVA’s biggest K-pop showcase recap


Abijah Hines

Watkins Mill’s NOVA k-pop dance team performs at the Hallyu showcase they organized.

Watkins Mill’s K-pop dance team NOVA held their annual dance showcase on Friday April 14, 2023 at 7-9pm and featured 18 dance teams from across Maryland.

The name of the showcase was Hallyu, which translates to “Korean wave,” symbolizing the spread of Korean culture across the globe. With many teams practicing on and off the stage, students attending could already feel the energy in the air.

“I’ve never performed at another school,” freshman Camilla Rivera, a dancer from Walter Johnson High School said. “I’m excited to see people from other schools. I love everyone’s outfits and energy. It’s so different and lively.”

There were lots of variety between the teams in attendance, ranging from Montgomery Village Middle School to Towson University.

“I’m nervous because I used to have social anxiety,” sixth grader Katie Solis, a dancer from Montgomery Village Middle School said. “But I’m also excited because dancing is my favorite thing and everyone is going to see me dance.”

The idea came about a few years ago when NOVA wanted to host a dance showcase at Watkins Mill by inviting schools to increase awareness about their K-pop clubs. The initial showcase was postponed due to COVID, but was able to be held last year for the first time.

This year’s showcase was the biggest to date. By reaching out through different social media sites NOVA was able to organize and invite many schools from around the county.

“The strongest factor that aided us in coming together was our passion for dancing and K-pop in general,” co-captain of NOVA and junior Diego Ortiz said.

Hallyu had something for everyone. Whether students were working the stage or in the audience watching and supporting the teams, the night was long and entertaining.  Students who attended earned student service learning (SSL) hours.

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