RecZone staff opens new donations-based clothing store, Thrifty Threads


Sanjay Fernando

The RecZone staff at Watkins Mill High School opens Thrifty Threads, which will allow students to shop clothes and increase community.

Watkins Mill High School’s (WMHS) newest donation-based clothing store, Thrifty Threads, managed by the RecZone staff, opens tomorrow, February 15.

All students can earn a chance to come and shop for any clothes sold by the store. The store is located in the cafeteria, where RecZone takes place, and runs after school on Wednesdays.

“As a whole, the RecZone program likes to build community in the school,” RecZone supervisor Elijah Davis said. “We understand that Watkins Mill is a diverse place. But we want to be that one spot where you can stop and be a part of a community.”

However, the staff will only accept clothing donations, not any money, from the students. In order to get a chance to shop, students must have a ticket.

To earn a ticket, students must first sign up for RecZone, which is free for all students. Then, they must either refer one or two new students to the RecZone program, volunteer with RecZone, take part in at least one RecZone project, or donate clothes.

Students referred to RecZone along with the one who referred them will also be able to shop.  For every 10 items donated, they will receive one ticket. Students should scan the QR code on flyers for more information about RecZone volunteer options.

Thrifty Threads also presents opportunities to earn Student Service Learning (SSL) hours. Anyone who volunteers to help sort clothes on Mondays and Tuesdays will earn one hour for every hour they are there.

Furthermore, RecZone welcomes any club or organization inside the school. Other WMHS student clubs are welcome to help spread the word and donate anything that their members don’t need. All clothing items are welcome. 

The store offers a diverse selection of clothes ranging from men’s coats, tops, and bottoms to women’s coats, tops, and bottoms along with other types of clothing. The more people who donate, the more variety there is.

“Personally, I’m excited, sorting through the clothes. I’ve seen some really nice stuff,” said junior and RecZone student staff member Roseline Oshagbemi.

“I can’t wait to shop, I’m gonna get my own tickets, I’m going to donate, I’m going refer people, I’m going do it all,” said Oshagbemi.