Explanation: why your eggs have been so “eggspensive” for the past month


Sanjay Fernando

Why have your eggs been so egg-spensive lately?

While egg prices are now lowering back down to normal rates, an egg shortage was the reason egg prices skyrocketed.

Stores nationwide have been suffering from this price influx from the average price being about three dollars for a dozen eggs, to now an upwards of seven dollars. While it is fair to assume this is because of general inflation, this egg problem is a deeper issue.

In several nations, supply of eggs and chicken have been reduced due to an outbreak of a highly virulent avian influenza or bird flu occurred. These viruses of avian influenza can infect domestic poultry in addition to various bird and mammal species. They are naturally distributed among wild aquatic birds around the world. This outbreak has put pressure on already high food prices and led to trade restrictions from nations that import poultry.

In the meantime, prices in India have rocketed to a record 565 rupees ($6.96) for 100 eggs, which is up by roughly a quarter from prices a year ago and escalating domestic worries about food price inflation. It’s interesting to note that the price for 100 eggs in India is the same price as a dozen eggs here in the United States. 

Senior Rhoda Simms consistently purchases eggs for her baking business.  “Eggs used to be surprisingly cheap and now they are surprisingly not,” Simms said.  “As a small business owner, it drives the profits of my cookies down just slightly because I’m spending a little more on these eggs.”

Per capita estimates are offered since 94 percent of people said they had eaten eggs at some point in the preceding year according to a study done by National Institute of Health. The average American consumes 279 eggs annually, which equates to about every workday’s worth of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich or three omelettes each week. Hopefully this current epidemic will continue to simmer down quickly so eggs once again become affordable household staples.

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