O’Shea Players perform new play-within-a-play, Noises Off, this week


Michelle Batres

The comedic play, Noises Off, directed by English teacher Jamaly Allen, is being performed this week at the O’Shea Theater. Don’t miss out!

The O’Shea Players perform their new adaptation of Michael Frayn’s play, Noises Off, this week at 7pm in the auditorium, which is bound to leave the audience in tears.

Opening night is this Thursday, January 26, but the play will also run on January 27 and 28.  The play is free for anyone to attend.

Noises Off is a comedic play about a rag-tag group of actors and actresses who are rehearsing for their own play, Nothing On. The characters in the play consists of nine people, none of whom are good at their jobs. With love triangles flying everywhere, things are bound to blow up in their faces.

Here is a quick rundown of what characters we’ll meet during the play.

Dotty Otley is the middle-aged investor of the group, who after deciding to end her acting career with a bang, brings a group together to perform Noises Off. She also just happens to be dating one of the actors—how scandalous.

The character, Lloyd Fellows, is Nothing On’s director, but also is involved with two of the actresses—see a trend here?

Garry Lejeune is the play’s leading man. He’s solid all around, except for the fact that he can’t finish a sentence. He also stutters a LOT! Did I mention he’s involved with someone from the group?

Brooke Ashton is a very inexperienced actress. She pays no attention to others and persists in her role regardless of any interruption. Brooke is also prone to losing her glasses, leaving her more blind than even Velma from Scooby-Doo. Yet, she somehow still managed to find her way into a romantic relationship with someone in the group.

Selsdon Mowbray is an elderly man who is half-deaf, has a drinking problem, and is also a part of the cast. Whenever there’s a rehearsal and he’s missing, it becomes a race to see who can find who first: will Selsdon find his alcohol or will the cast be able to find him?

That’s not even the whole cast! With so much going on it’s bound to get entertaining. Come out, support the O’Shea Players, and watch as the curtains come crashing down on the play-within-a-play this Thursday at 7 pm in the auditorium.

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