The misadventures of my curly hair


Ashley Huynh

Junior Nuyanna Sin shares a relatable journey about her luscious curls.

Have you ever seen a Pantene ad? With the girls and their long, shiny, and effortlessly straight hair. That’s my mom. But then there is me…with well-defined curls, fluffy hair, lots of shrinkages, and no way to tame it.

I have what is called 3A hair. 3A hair is well-defined and has springy curls that sit up by themselves.  It is a hassle to take care of. Just to make my hair more manageable, my mom would always straighten it out with a flat iron. I would always have split ends and it would frizz up at the end of the day, my mom had no clue what to do with it. So when I got older I took it into my own hands and sought a solution. 

It took many products just to find the right one. Most of the products just didn’t work, they didn’t define my curls the way I wanted them. Some products made my hair weak which made it shed a lot. Social media like Instagram and TikTok helped me find specific products that could possibly work best for me and my hair.

My favorite product that I use most and will never stop using on my hair is Shea Moisture. Shea Moisture has different varieties of products for straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair. They don’t just have products for your hair, they have products for the body, skin, and men’s products. Shea Moisture has all-natural ingredients from oils, protein, and cocoa butter.

It helps my hair grow, keeps it moisturized, and gives my curls definition the way I like it. Having curly hair is a struggle. It takes me about 30 minutes just to detangle and define my curls when getting out of the shower or even just to redefine them. It takes lots of time for my hair to come out the way it looks. 

Even after all of this, I still would keep my hair how it is. My hair stands out and makes me who I am. Even after all the fights and tangled nights, it’s been with me my whole life and I can’t imagine life without it. So in the end, it was all worth it.


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