Hispanic Heritage month ends with radio personality Chris Hypnotic


Michelle Batres

A live music event concludes Hispanic Heritage month to celebrate Watkins Mill’s Latino/a community.

Hispanic Heritage month ended with a live music event starring guest host Chris Hypnotic from La Nueva 87.7 on October 21, celebrating Hispanic culture with Watkins Mill High School students.

Hispanic Heritage month began on September 15 and ended on October 15. It was created to celebrate the history and culture of past generations from Central and South America. “This is the way to unite all the different cultures and ethnicities, through an event like this,” Hypnotic said. “Students can enjoy and have fun.”

As a school with a large English as a Second Language population, Watkins Mill has been holding events to honor the celebration with the performance from our Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) dance team in the auditorium, the lunch celebration with DJ Chris, and the upcoming Fiesta Forever dance.

“I love seeing everyone united, participating with different backgrounds, and I just like the energy. I love seeing our students and staff having a good time,” school counselor and event organizer Carmen Zapata said. 

A dance competition took place during the event, where songs like Corazón by Maluma and Danza Kuduro by Don Omar were played. 

Students were dancing with their friends, “It’s so great, I love the music, it was even better than homecoming. I feel very excited to be able to celebrate my culture,” senior Rosalind Dominguez said.

The music put everyone in a good mood, “I feel really good, I think it’s a way to show culture, and I just love the music and vibes,” junior Wesley Diaz said. 

There were chalk drawings on the floor that students had been able to help out with at the beginning of the event. Senior Stephanie Ramos Sanchez, captain of OLAS, said, “I feel like the event is very interactive and really good for people to get a sense of what Latin culture is.”

Hypnotic has done other events with Watkins Mill for years now. “I’m interested in coming back to help with youth because it’s something I didn’t do in school, so I want to make a difference doing it,” he said. “Youth need this kind of advance with each other to feel welcomed into the community.”

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