Why we wouldn’t survive a horror movie (based on Roblox experience)


Michelle Batres

Fans of Roblox may find themselves in some bone-chilling situations.

Horror movies are the one of the most enjoyable, yet most frightening things that ever exists. After playing scary games on Roblox, here are ten reasons why we would not survive a horror movie based on Roblox games.

We won’t even investigate the odd noises we hear at midnight or move a single muscle if we are ever in a situation where one of us is getting stabbed. Instead of watching in horror, one of us would run for help.

1. Bewildered
Seeing this frightening creature running around the haunted house, we’d lock ourselves in a room. Yeah, we’ll sit this one out.

2. The Mimic
Not only does it take place at a school, but also La Llorona’s sister haunts the place. One jumpscare would end us both. Hide and seek with Yasu Masashige is too cute to miss out.

3. Blair
We’re automatically going to die from a heart attack. No offense, but Blair looks like Pacman, eating up our confidence.

4. Lost Room
We can’t even tell you how frightening it looks. Not even Crocs sports mode can save our life. The non-player character (NPC) is dashing through the hall, ready to feast its eyes on us.

5. Doors
What we would do in every situation, we’d hide, but the eyes are good at hide and seek. They’re going to rat us out and get us killed. Yay!

6. Evil Nun
Usually, Nuns are women who devote their lives to prayers and service charitable work. Imagine a tall lady chasing you (we or you?) with a hammer. Eww.

7. Eternal Insolence
From the start of the game, it warns people about some satanic stuff involved. We both don’t mess with that.

8. The Rake
You’re walking in the dark with a flashlight. You also have to survive the night. Knowing each other, we cannot even defend ourselves in the daytime, you can forget about the night.

9. Cleithrophobia
It reminds me of “The Backrooms.” We’ll get lost easily.

10. Judy
Playing “Judy” constantly, the chapters get worse over time. Many things are chasing you, and a lot happens. Too much for one game.

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