If you give an English teacher an A+ paper…


Michelle Batres

What would happen if you gave an English teacher an A+ paper?

if   you   give   a   english  teacher   an   a+   paper 

then    they  will ask you to    look    it over 

when you    look   it   over once,   they will ask   you     to  check you’re  capitalization

When you fix    that,   they    will ask you    to check   you’re punctuation.

The teacher will    want  you     to  check your grammar.   Then, they    will  ask    you to check     your spacing.

When you finish checking all that, now it’s time for the real work. The teacher will ask you to cite your sources.

After you finish digging for the articles again and cite your sources, the teacher will ask you to fix your thesis. 

The teacher will want to read your paper again. 

The teacher will then give you hints on how to fix your claim, evidence, and reasoning. Pointing out every little comma splice. 

The teacher will then sit behind the desk and ask you to read it to them.

Upon your reading it, they will make a long list of things for you to fix again. 

They will make notes with a red pen. 

When the paper is finished, the teacher will want you to turn it in. 

The teacher will then realize the assignment isn’t published, so they will need a minute to do that. 

The teacher will look at the paper after you submit it. 

They will grade it and smile, remembering when you first started trying to submit a paper with many mechanical errors. 

So, if you give an English teacher an A+ paper. You might as well have many people look over it first.

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