Top 7 Instagram Accounts To Follow

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media apps, it’s no secret that Watkins Mill High School has it’s several accounts. With that being said, here are the top seven Watkins Mill accounts you should follow on Instagram.

1. @wmorangenation

WM Orange Nation is a page that promotes school spirit here at Watkins Mill. It posts about any announcements, events, and updates. With almost 800 followers, it’s one of the most popular Watkins Mill accounts on Instagram.

2. @wmrinessports

If you’re a sports fan, @wmrinessports is definitely a must to follow. They post pictures and videos of past games, as well as give updates and reminders about upcoming games. With almost 850 followers, they are the most followed Watkins Mill Instagram account.

3. @wmhs__barstool

@wmhs__barstool (Watkins Mill Photography Squad) posts magazine-worthy pictures of our sports games. They collaborate with other local photographers such as @kevins._.lens and @julienp_photography.

4. @wm.current

The Watkins Mill Current page posts occasional events at Watkins Mill. Also, who would want to miss our daily selfie of the day (SOD) stories?

5. @wmhs_2025

If you’re a sophomore, this page is a must. The Class of 2025 page posts all you need to know about events and school updates about sophomores.

6. @watkins_mill2024

This page is targeted to juniors at Watkins Mill High School. They post about upcoming events as well as Student Service Learning (SSL) opportunities.

7. @wmclassof23

For all the seniors at Watkins Mill, this one is for you! The Watkins Mill Class of 2023 page posts about upcoming events, reminders, and updates.

These Instagram accounts are crucial to follow as they all post updates and everything you need to know about Watkins Mills recreations.


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