Seniors begin to recognize that end-of-year disease is real, struggle to finish strong

Andrea Aramayo and Amber Brothers

What’s the worst thing you can do during your last year of high school? It would be NOT trying to do work. The definition of the disease senioritis: when seniors start giving up because they are just too “lazy” to do it.

Let’s be real. Senioritis has hit us all like a truck. Just looking around at people not doing anything and thinking, “I don’t feel like doing this assignment; I’ll just do it later” BUT, I think we both know that ‘later’ never comes, or comes after MONTHS of procrastination.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the problem though: Eventually, that routine of skipping homework results in a pile of an insurmountable mountain of work. Trust us.  We have those mountains in front of us right now.

But at this point in the year, no matter how big that mountain is becoming, we gradually begin to just not care

We’ve gone through THREE years of high school and now that we have reached our fourth year, we just don’t have the energy to put in effort

At least in ninth, tenth, and eleventh, we ACTUALLY put in effort to do work and tried hard to be on top of everything.

NOW, we don’t even have the energy to get ourselves out of bed in the morning.  

How did this happen?  We always looked at those lazy seniors and said, “That’ll never happen to us. Senioritis isn’t a real thing.  It’s just laziness.  We’re smarter than them.  We won’t fall into that trap.”

Well, kids, we’re in that trap, so be smarter than us!

Seniors of the past, we’re sorry.  We feel your pain now.  We understand the struggles you went though in your final year of high school.

Future seniors, there’s still hope for you!  Petition local scientists to find a cure for the dreaded disease.

And current seniors?  Best of luck to you.  It’s only a couple more months.  We can do it!


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