If I could adjust Wolverine Wednesdays…


Michelle Batres

Wolverine Wednesday is a great new initiative, but requires a few tweaks in order to be most beneficial to students.

If Wolverine Wednesdays were sponsored by a cereal brand, it definitely isn’t Frosted Flakes because “they’re (not) grrrrrreat.” Don’t be fooled though, we appreciate and are thrilled that the faculty listened to our request for a longer lunch and the need for an advisory period. But there are a few tweaks I would make if the decision was up to me.

I’ve had several conversations with peers about Wolverine Wednesday and while it is nice to be able to have a whole class dedicated to making up work, we’ve only had ONE actual study hall in the entire month we’ve been in school. Watkins Mill has made the decision to dedicate an entire 46-minute class once a week to what students need, yet all we have done is go over good habits and email etiquette.

As an IB student-athlete, I get slammed with work. I have no social life anymore because I don’t have time for one. I get up and go to school for seven hours a day, I stay after for practice for another two and a half hours, and just when I think I get to go home and relax, BAM, homework that takes another four to six hours. Now you may be thinking “Ella, that was your decision to take IB and play sports.” Yes that’s true, however, that is not the point of the story.

Also, have you noticed how lunch is now 25 minutes later than usual, and instead of getting those 47 minutes (you know the ones we voted for)? I only have 40 minutes. Which, when you do the math really only equates to about 10 minutes of eating time because I spent 10 minutes waiting in line to heat up my food and I’ll spend 20 more minutes doing the homework I fell asleep doing the night before after my game.

If I could change the Wolverine Wednesday schedule I would potentially make the study hall just a tad shorter, maybe 30 minutes, because 46 is just a bit excessive. I would also move it before third period because it is the time of day when I am still feeling pleasantly productive and the flow from second period to study hall is nicer. Finally, we have the biggest one of all: Wolverine Wednesdays should not be a weekly thing if it’s not going to be a study hall. I think it is a bit extra to have homeroom every single week, but if we changed it to having actual study halls every week and only making it an MCPS lesson when absolutely necessary, I would be more open to moving my lunch back a bit.

If we made these few changes, and if Frosted Flakes actually sponsored us I’m sure if you asked them about Wolverine Wednesdays they’d say “They’re GRRRREAT.”

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