LGBTQ+ studies class is offered at Watkins Mill


Ashley Huynh

The LGBTQ+ Studies class, taught by history teacher Melanie Gnatt, is being offered for the second year in a row

You already know about the LGBTQ+ Club, now welcome to the LGBTQ+ Studies class taught by history teacher Melanie Gnatt.

LGBTQ+ Studies is open to all upperclassmen and is a one-semester class that starts in the spring. This is the second year it is being offered at Watkins Mill High School.

According to the MCPS High School Course Bulletin, there will be four units that cover all aspects of the identity, voice, cultural contributions, and challenges related to LGBTQ+ individuals and community as a whole.

“I always thought that it would have been really cool to have a course like this when I was in high school,” Gnatt said.

Watkins Mill is one of the few schools in the county to launch this course. The class covers more than just history; it talks about LGBTQ+ culture and how people of the community are seen in the media.

“I liked [Gnatt],” senior Jacquelinne Arias said. “She made sure her lessons were something that other students would be interested in.”

Gnatt’s course will cover more than just the United States; students will look all around the world and see how members of the LGBTQ+ community are treated in different parts of the world.

“I also think that [the LGBTQ+ community] is something that’s not mentioned a lot in U.S history class,” Gnatt said. “To get that other side of history and that other perspective is really interesting.”

“We talk about the famous events like The Stonewall Uprising but also some lesser known people that have been part of the LGBTQ+ community,” Gnatt added.

“She’s very open on what the kids want to learn,” Arias added. “I remember her asking if we were interested in a topic and if we weren’t we wouldn’t talk about it.”

The class is open to all students who are interested regardless of whether they are part of the LGBTQ+ community or not. And if students want to get involved outside of the classroom they can check out the LGBTQ+ club. Students can join both the club and the class.

“It’s a class where you really have a voice and you can choose what you’re interested in,” Arias said.

All ‘Rines are welcome.

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