‘Rines Football is BACK tonight against Springbrook HS


Julien Payen

(From left to right) Coach Chad Wilson and coach Paul Vance at football practice.

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is starting to set earlier, the leaves are turning brown, and everyone at Watkins Mill is gearing up for another exciting season of football.

This year the team is led by head coach Chad Wilson, defensive coordinator Clarence McNeary, offensive coordinator Jay Davis, defensive back coach Brian McNeary, and coaches Steve Shared, Paul Vance, and Avery Taylor.

Seniors Ezekiel Moody, Brian Asiwome, Shayan Solimani, and Devarius Spencer and sophomores Kevin Villalobos and Eiden Buchanan have earned their positions as captains of the ‘Rines.

The captains “represent our football team, uphold our standards and continue to lead our team.” Wilson said.

“The team has great chemistry—we have a good lineup, our receiver and runner are good, and so far we haven’t messed up any plays,” Moody said.

“Coaching this team has been a blessing, our program is really blooming right now. Watkins Mill is probably the most slept on football program in Montgomery County,” Wilson said. “A lot of people look from the outside and don’t believe in our kids, but we believe in ourselves.”

The first game of the season starts tonight at 6:30pm against the Springbrook Blue Devils.

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