Interesting places to go this summer


Sanjay Fernando

With the recent warm weather prompting thoughts of summer vacation, The Current shares a list of places to go.

As the weather begins to warm up (even with its constant change due to Maryland weather), we are once again reminded of the approaching summer season.  Summer is obviously the best season, and we’re here to help you find some places to go this summer!

1) The Beach

This is a classic summer spot but it’s still the best one nonetheless. From most hyped to casual, we have the beach. Especially our seniors should get excited about this destination with beach week coming up around the end of May into June!

Any beach is a fine choice to start off summer and get the vibes going.  Maybe you will find yourself a lover since most of you are sad and lonely, not us though y’all stay safe. 

2) The Amusement Park

The runner-up would be the amusement park! Disney is a great option, but I guarantee you will still have a blast at any park, including Six Flags, Hershey Park, Kings Dominion, and Bush Gardens.  If you somehow wind up in Southern California this summer, you can even visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

Go with family, or go with friends, but I think an amusement park is a solid choice when benchmarking places for summer because there are a variety of activities for everyone!  From the stomach-dropping rollercoasters to arcade games and funnel cake, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

3) The Mall

It’s simple, but it’s definitely a well-known classic.  Lakeforest Mall is always an option especially due to its proximity, but if it’s beginning to be a bore, definitely try Tysons Corner Center, Montgomery Mall, or the Clarksburg Outlets.

I think we can all agree that going further away from your community offers some undeniable benefits—you are able to spill all the tea to your friends without the fear of being overheard. 

4) Birthday Party

For the last two on my list, I highly suggest going to a birthday party.  This event is not listed as high as others because the amount of fun you’ll have seriously depends on three very important factors: whose birthday it is, who the attendants are, and where the party is taking place.

Find yourself an exciting birthday bash and you’ll leave with emotional and cherished memories.

5) Home

Last but not least, home.  Now listen, I know it seems like no one would want to stay home after the horrors of 2020 and 2021.  But in between your adventures at the beach, thrill parks, shopping malls, and partying at birthday bashes, you will need time to chill and rejuvenate.  Resting at home is one of the best feelings.  The comfort of your home does not necessitate any formal or dressy clothes, so stay in your pajamas, prop up your laptop, and call it day.  You’ll need the rest before the 2022-23 school year begins.

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