Please change the one minute bell–we’re begging you


Sanjay Fernando

The new one minute bell causes unneeded distress and panic—and we beg that it gets changed back as soon as possible.

I know you hear it. The alarming sound a minute before class starts. The shrieking bells of terror.

Maybe it’s fitting because going to class does make me want to shriek in terror too, but honestly, I don’t want to hear it. Neither does anyone I know. 

I don’t quite understand why the bell changed. The old bell was completely fine! Just as annoying, but I had gotten used to it and maybe even got attached to the loud rings telling me to hurry. That doesn’t mean I listened to it. If I’m late, so be it but I am never running to class. 

And this new bell is DEFINITELY not making me rush to class. Okay, it did make me rush the first time I heard it. Mostly because I thought it was some kind of lockdown alarm and I was going to die. But now that I know better, if I hear that sound, I walk even slower. It’s my way of boycotting the sound.

Of course, I understand that students are not getting to class on time, but changing the bell isn’t going to help with that. It’s not playing a hypnotizing sound to force the limp bodies of students into their classes. People are still not in class on time, AND my ears are bleeding. Not really a win-win situation in my opinion…

Somehow I relate to whoever changed the bell. When I stopped waking up on time to my usual alarm, I decided to switch to another alarm. I thought a change would be good! Maybe I wouldn’t have to run for the bus. I didn’t have to run for the bus after all! Because I missed it. I slept through the nine alarms and woke up at 12pm. 

I hope this is something we can all learn from. Changes are good sometimes, but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. 🙂

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