Seniors look forward to their first prom in two years, debate theme ideas


Sanjay Fernando

As Watkins Mill’s first prom in three years gets closer, students start trying to figure out a theme for the event

Ready to shake a tail feather on the dance floor? Watkins Mill’s Prom will be coming up in April, grab a date, get your friends, order a limo, make memories.

Juniors and seniors have had an extensive two years of trials and tribulations. But now, they can reap their rewards as they get to attend this year’s prom. Due to the pandemic, juniors and seniors have not been able to attend prom for the past two years. As the excitement rises, seniors have been questioning what this year’s theme will be.

“I think that we should do a zombie theme for prom,” senior Justin Banes said. “We, seniors, have been acting like zombies this whole school year, senioritis exists. Not only that, but it is like we are raising up from the dead because we are the class of seniors that can attend prom.”

“A meme theme would be cool,” senior Fernando Amaya added.

The theme and aesthetic of the prom are very vital to the memories made of the event. “I hope they can make this event enjoyable,  because prom is a great event and it is a once-in-a-lifetime type feel,” senior Marvin Rodriguez Fuentes said.

While the theme is yet to be determined, prom will be April 29 at Argyle Country Club. Get those dresses and tuxedos ready!

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