Top places to sleep in Watkins Mill


Sanjay Fernando

Everyone gets sleepy sometimes and these are the best places you can take a nap if you find yourself dozing off.

Sometimes you just need that extra 30 minutes of sleep to get through the day and that’s honestly fine. Everyone has been there at some point, I know I’ve certainly been there before so I’ve decided to list the top three places to sleep at Watkins Mill. 

The first and foremost thing you should know is to exclude all classes that have the chair and desk as one unit. They are the absolute worst to lay on, as they are often too small, and offer no real support because they are slanted upwards.

Now that we’ve covered the bad, here are the best places to sleep:

1. The nurse’s office

One of the best places in the school to sleep would have to be the nurse’s office by far. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as you can sleep on an actual bed, which gives this place an edge over everywhere else. It’s not perfect though as the bed itself is stiff, extremely hot f0r some reason, and you need to devise a plan with good reasoning if you’re going to get access to that area. If you can overlook all that and accomplish getting in, then you have yourself a great place to sleep.

2. Room C202

The next place on the list is room C202. Out of all the places on this list, this would have to be my favorite. Having multiple options to relax on is one of the biggest strengths of this classroom. You have options of yoga balls, bean bag chairs, net chairs, and even tables that sit at different heights. It has everything you need to be as comfortable as you catch up on missed sleep from the previous night and accommodates all types of people allowing all shapes and sizes to be able to rest. Just make sure you’re caught up on your work before you try to nap in here!

3. Room B001

The last place on the list is room B001, an engineering classroom. Probably the most surprising place on the list, as from a comfort standpoint it shouldn’t have much going for it, but trust me when I say it’s one of the best. The standalone point that got it to this list had to be variety. It has many different-sized stools and tables. The tables sitting at different heights provide you with everything you need because you can use as much space as needed. Don’t worry, you can get a quick nap in the class as long you have some type of work done.

*Everything within this article is hypothetical and from a hypothetical situation. The Current does not encourage people to sleep during the school day, and the teachers in those rooms can and will wake you up if you attempt to.*

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