MCPS needs to mandate student vaccines


Sanjay Fernando

Don’t throw away your shot, MCPS, to make education safer.

COVID-19 cases are down, vaccination rates are up, and masks are no longer being required in many places around the country.  With all this going on, it may seem like a good idea to “go back to normal,” but it isn’t.  Especially because so many Americans aren’t even vaccinated, including Montgomery County Public School students.

After being back to in-person school for a full quarter now, it’s safe to say that mandating a vaccine for MCPS students needs to be done.  We’re sitting in close quarters next to each other, and while we’re wearing masks (some better than others), it still presents a big risk of spreading illnesses.

Requiring a vaccine mandate for students would create a much safer environment in the school, drastically reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.  It would help the county take a big step towards getting everyone vaccinated, as MCPS students make up more than 15% of the county’s total population.

Teachers are required to be fully vaccinated to teach, so doing the same thing for students only makes sense.  In addition, Maryland colleges and major California counties are mandating student vaccines, and President Joe Biden recently announced a mandate for business with at least 100 employees, which will take effect on January 4, 2022.

The only students who should not be required to get vaccinated are those with religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions (with provided proof), which is the same requirement for other vaccines to attend school.  Other than that, there is no reason for us not to have mandatory student vaccinations, as it would help put everyone at ease as well as protect students, teachers, and families.

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