12 Angry Jurors premieres tonight for free


Sanjay Fernando

Jurors 1-12 debating to plead guilty or not guilty.

Watkins Mill High School’s O’Shea Players will perform 12 Angry Jurors live at 7pm Thursday-Saturday, in the auditorium. Ticket admission will be free for everyone, but donations will be accepted.

A teaser for the play 12 Angry Jurors was put on during the third, fifth, and sixth periods yesterday to generate interest for the premiere tonight.

Due to COVID, the interest in live theatre has plummeted, so by providing a free admission play, the theatre department is attempting lure people back into the audience. Masks will be required for all audience members over the age of two, regardless of vaccination status. Donations will be accepted at the entrance, and all proceeds will be given back to the Thanksgiving Outreach Committee, to provide a Thanksgiving meal for those in need.

“The play originally was 12 Angry Men with only a male cast in the 1980s. They came out with a version that was 12 Angry Women,” director Scott Tarzwell said. “I didn’t want it to be that segregated. So we chose to take both scripts…and put them together so that we could have [much] more diversity on stage.” In this play, there are only five men cast as jurors out of the 12.

Senior Zoë Luckabaugh said, “I feel like [rehearsal] is going very well, and I am really excited for everyone to come out.” Luckabaugh also shared that the best part is the end of Act I and the ending of Act II.

“I hope that the audience gets a sense of familiarity with the boy who’s on trial, and seeing how different people from different backgrounds see that boy,” junior Nathan Campbell said. This play is being put on in hopes that others realize how people that are different are treated.

“I just hope [that] this play encourages people to have fun while they are on stage because although we are acting, we are having fun doing what we love,” sophomore Leona Kelly said. “[It] encourages people to try new careers, especially acting, since many don’t consider acting as a career path.”

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