Fall festivities bring families together after 20 months apart


Sanjay Fernando

Families are excited to reunite after a long time apart.

Get the plates ready, set the table, and invite your family to come over: the fall festivities are upon us. This November, seek more than Thanksgiving, open your horizons as you will be presented with some fall activities.

Fall has made its presence known with the cool breeze that bites at your fingertips and envelops you as soon as you step outdoors. Throughout this time, most people are set on spending time with families and friends as Thanksgiving approaches and they might not have gotten the chance to see each other last year. As travel restrictions ease, people are starting to get more festive for the fall weather and spirits are finally picking up.

“I am not too excited about this fall….but it is a major improvement considering the pandemic,” senior Chris Garnett said. “We can go to each other’s homes and eat enjoy quality time together. It just seems like the world is coming out of its shell.¨

This fall, we are still able to do all the things we enjoyed before and during the pandemic. If you’re feeling in the spirit, why not decorate your home with fall-inspired decorations and pumpkin spice-scented candles? Take a loved one to the pumpkin patch and make meaningful memories.

“Usually during this time I go to the pumpkin patch with my family and go on hayrides or drink apple cider. Fall always brings me good memories.” senior Erlin Ramirez said.

Caramel apple pie, pumpkin pie, apple fritters, sweet potato pie, and pumpkin sugar cookies are popular family-friendly foods that are a sure way to lighten anyone’s mood. This season is the time to really appreciate those you have around you, time to strengthen bonds that might have been strained. Take this time to enjoy quality time with your family, and celebrate all the fall holidays with a smile on your face.

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